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about us

Jahagirdar Aero Products is the first company in India to have an ISO 9001-2015 certification specially for System Integration and Services of Unmanned Aerial Systems and targets.

JAP is into UAV and Target services for more than 25 years. The company is a brainchild of Yogendra Jahagirdar who has more than 20000 flying hours in his record and 40 years of experience in Model Aeronautics.

Jahagirdar Aero Products started in 1994 in a small setup in Ahmednagar . Mr Jahagirdar has two FIA World Record Aero Model flights in his kitty for cross country flights between Karachi-Delhi-Dhaka (India-Pakistan-Bangladesh) in 1990 and Kanyakumari-Kashmir (3750 kms) in 1985. These are marked and registered FAI world records.

With time and expertise in flying remote controlled unmanned aircrafts, today, we are an ISO certified company with having a experience of more than 25 years in System Integrators of Surveillance Unmanned Aircrafts, Aerial Targets, Unmanned Airships, Aerostats and Balloons. We provide specialised technical and maintenance services of UAVs, Targets for Missiles & Air Defence, Aerial Survey, Aerial Platforms for Research & Data Acquisition, Aerial Advertisements, etc.

We also partner all kinds of researches involving use and development of Aerial Vehicles.

What We Offer


  • High Subsonic JATO booster Launched (Zero Length launcher Targets)

  • Medium Speed Catapult Launch targets.

  • Low speed wheeled recoverable targets.

  • Hiring GCS vehicle convoy for Targets and UAV operations.

We are Service Providers for,

  • Aerial Survaillence.

  • All types of Aerial targets for Missiles and Gunney

  • Aerial Platform for Subsystem Evaluation.

  • Aerial Pollution monitoring.

  • Aerial Mapping Services.

Designers and System Integrators

  • Aerial Targets.

  • Fixed wing UAVs

  • Multi Rotors.

  • Unmanned Airships and Aerostats.

Customised Solutions:

  • We provides Customised solutions for any of your requirements in UAVs and Targets including UAV subsystems like Specialized Actuators, IC engines and Turbine Engines, Flight Controllers etc.

  • We are open for any research work or joint developments for UAVs and Targets.

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